How does the night club illustrate the State's philosophy Brave New World?

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On a date with Henry Foster, after they have been good consumers by playing Obstacle Gold, Lenina rides over the crematorium with him on the way to the night club.  When she asks Henry about the smoke-stacks having balconies around them, he replies that gases to through chamber is the cremated bodies' "phosphorous recovery"; a recycling of people so that "everybody is happy" because everyone is "physico-chemically equal."  Then they arrive at the "newly opened Westminster Abbey" [this is really the present-day church of the royalty in London, so here Huxley mixes religion with sexual activity in his dysutopia].  Like true residents of the New World, Lenina and Henry are relieved that the electric sky-signs shut out the darkness, the cloudless night with sparkling stars as they enter the club that has synthetic music.

Inside the philosophy of the State, COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, and STABILITY are enforced as a song reminds the people of the origins: 

Bottle of mine, it's you I've always wanted!...

Skies are blue inside of you,

The weather's always fine....

Everyone dances together in community in a "soma-holiday":  "How kind, how good-looking, how delightfully amusing every one was!"  When the synthetic music ends, Henry and Lenina leave with the others, obeying the voice that commands "in genial and musical politeness."  They have swallowed the second dose of soma so that they have little realization of reality.  Again, they are "bottled," but in a psychological, rather than physical manner [identity].  The music, the atmosphere, and the soma control the sensations and actions of the men and women; they are manipulated citizens of the New World. As they return to Henry's apartment, Lenina's conditioning, Malthusian drill three times a week, causes her to remember to "take all the contraceptive precautions."  Even sex is a meaningless, controlled activity, contributing to the stability of the World State.

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htownz | Student
In simpler terms, the sate wants everything under their control so they cause all these distractions so that the people forget about the real world they have taken control of, just like the night club
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