answer with exponetestimate the amount of 2 liter bottles that could fit side by side (not on top of each other just on the floor) of regulation football field including end zones.

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The NFL football field, including end zones measures 360 X 160 Feet.

The 2L soda bottle diameter is slightly different according to source, one of which gives the circumference as 31 cm, hence a diameter of 9,8676 cm = 3.87 inches.

Several other sources give a diameter of 4 inches.

To be conservative, I will use 4” as the diameter of a 2L soda bottle.

Across the width of the field you can fit 160(12)/4 = 480 bottles

Along the length of the field you can fit 360(12)/4 = 1080 bottles

Therefore, field can hold 480 X 1080 = 518,400 bottles.