Answer the following comprehension question about "From Beyond" in complete sentences. Use quotation and example from the text to support your answer. What adjectives best describe Lovecraft’s writing style?

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"From Beyond" is a short story by American cosmic horror writer H. P. Lovecraft. It was written in 1920 and published in 1934. In it, the narrator tells the story of his friend Crawford Tillinghast, who has created a machine to contact beings from outer space.

Lovecraft writes in what can be described as an elevated pulp style. It was writing that was not taken very seriously during his lifetime because of his tendency to overwrite and use melodramatic adjectives such as "horrible," "accursed," and "repellent." His word choice, or diction, however, sets the mood, foreshadows, and creates a suitably heightened, unsettling context for the story. In his tone, he often adopts a kind of pseudo-scientific approach in order to give his stories more verisimilitude.

More generally, Lovecraft is described as a writer of weird stories or cosmic horror. The challenge for a genre writer like Lovecraft is writing about things were are difficult to describe—for example the "void" that is mentioned when they contact "the beyond." It's impossible, of course, to fully describe a void, but Lovecraft concentrates on how his characters react and the deep fear that results from the horrible things they see. The creatures they encounter are "great inky, jellyfish monstrosities which flabbily quivered in harmony with the vibrations of the machine" (28). It creates an image in the reader's mind while also leaving room for the imagination. "Uncanny" would be another apt adjective to describe Lovecraft's writing style.

Note: I'm using the Penguin Classics edition of The Dreams in the Witch House.

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