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A distinctive style of writing is one way of communicating one's personality. Certainly, combining short sentences into more complex ones is a method that will provide style to one's writing. The use of balanced phrases,too, is another way to add interest and variety to sentences. An example of this type of variety is the "suspended structure." Here are example sentences:

  • Section I

1. Monica and Trenton's disappointment derived from not only their failure to see the movie, but also from their inability to find the theater.

2.The TV tray is usually beside, although lately it has been behind, the couch.

3.It was certainly a treat to eat, not to mention not having to pay for, such a gourmet meal. meet,

4. This lumber will be fortunate to meet, let alone go beyond, the requirements for the building of  the shed.

5. Sam has worked his way in, as well as become an essential part now, of the tight circle of Brett's friends.

  • Section II

1. The light breeze floated, not only through the window, but it also drifted through the French door.

2. The quiet little brook trickled, though at one point it spilled, through a rock path in the forest.

3. It is not enough to measure, let alone go beyond this and buy the materials, we must find the man power.

4. The girl could not smile, much less laugh, at the antics of the clown.

5. The deer are usually near, not to mention anxious to graze, when dusk settles on the field.