Which of the people in the following link is frictionally unemployed?http://postimage.org/image/8a6sli0lt/

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Of the people in the link, only person #7 is frictionally unemployed.  Person #5 would be if they were not working part-time.  Person #2 could be, depending on their reason for leaving the cod fishing industry.

Frictional unemployment occurs in three main ways:

  • When a person is just entering the labor force and is looking for their first job.
  • When a person quits a job to look for one they like better.
  • When a person is fired for not doing the job well (as opposed to being laid off for economic reasons).

Person #7 is just entering the labor force and is therefore structurally unemployed.  Person #5 is looking for a job they like better, but is still working part-time.  Therefore, that person does not count as unemployed; they are underemployed.  Person #2 could be frictionally unemployed if they left cod fishing to find a job they liked better.  However, they will not count anyway because they have stopped looking for work and are therefore not in the labor force.


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