What are some distinct differences between the film and the book The Kite Runner?  

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It is always difficult to adapt a fairly lengthy novel such as The Kite Runner to just two hours on the wide screen. Such is the case with The Kite Runner, which is, nevertheless, an outstanding film and generally faithful to the novel. There are many scenes from the book that are left out of the movie, which is normal for most screen adaptations. There are actually very few changes from the text, however. A few of them are:

  • Baba is said to have been a prior winner of the kite-flying tournament. Although he once told Amir that he had cut 14 kites in one day, I don't believe it was said that Baba won the tournament in the novel.
  • The van Baba drives in California is an American model, not a Volkswagen as in the novel.
  • In the scene with Assef the Taliban, Assef uses no brass knuckles, and the injuries Amir receives are far less serious than in the novel.
  • Hassan has no hairlip in the movie.
  • Ali does not have a discernible limp.
  • The actor who plays Baba (who is otherwise excellent) appears to be far shorter than the gigantic Baba, who was 6'5 in the novel. General Taheri is much taller than Baba in the film.
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