How do you compare and contrast a bird from a reptile?no

krishna-agrawala | Student

Given below are main similarities and differences between birds and reptiles.


  • Both are vertebrates.
  • Both breathe through lungs
  • In general both are oviparous, that is their young ones hatch out of eggs laid by them. However some reptiles are viviparous, that is they directly give birth to young ones.


  • Birds are the only animals that have feathers and wings. But this does not mean that all birds can fly., Or that birds are the only animals that can fly.
  • Reptiles have a dry scaly skin in contrast to birds that have feather covered skins. Most of the reptiles shed their skin several times a year.
  • Birds are warm blooded animals, while reptiles are cold blooded animals.
  • All birds have two hind legs. They also have fore limbs in the form of their wings. The number of limbs or legs in reptiles is variable. Most of the reptiles have four legs, while other may have no legs at all..
  • Birds do not have any teeth. Instead they have a hard beak or bill. In contrast reptiles have teeth.
  • Birds live only on land, although some birds are able to swim in water. Some reptiles live on land while others live in water. Some reptiles live on land as well as water.
kevin0001 | Student

There are a lot of ways to compare and contrast birds/ reptiles. The most common way is to use the Venn Diagram to compare the two groups. 

Contrasts: They are both vertebrates.

                They both know how to breathe.

                They are both animals .

                They can lay eggs. 

Contrasts: Birds are warm blooded , reptiles are cold blooded.

                Birds have feathers, reptiles have scales or slimy/ rough skin.

                Birds have beaks and talons while reptiles have either sharp teeth, claws and /or none at all.

ab1543 | Student

These are the most notable and common differences/ similarities in traits.


no sweat glands, amniotic eggs, and one occipital condyle



-Gizzard and crop


-beak, no teeth

-pneumatic bones


-eyeball is fixed in socket


-reduced number of digits, backward hallux

-fused metatarsals

-lungs have air sacs

-nucleated RBCs

-4 chambered heart

-complete double circulation of blood





-lungs have subchambers called flaveoli

-3 chambered heart

-incomplete double circulation

-sinus venosus absent or reduced


alpha-03 | Student

the contrasting features of the bird and reptile are

  • both are vertebrates having dosel notochord ,breath through lungs,lay eggs(oviparus), and  birds have some alike features of reptiles.

the difference between birds and reptiles are

  1. Birds can fly,live on the trees,forelimbs are modified into wings,have feathers on their body,their are warm blooded animals,have four chambered heart and hollow bones(which help to fly).  
  2. Reptiles have scales on their body,sharp teeth,three chambered heart,their are cold blooded aqnimals,they have long tail than the birds,they have normal bones.



stahlerf55 | Student

Did you look at the websites I listed one of them actually compared the two with the infromation given.

stahlerf55 | Student

First of all find out all the traits/characteristics of each animal.  Then group them in a Venn Diagram.  (Two circles overlapping with a section in the middle which will show how they are similar.)  The sections that do not overlap will show how they are different.  Then you will be able to make a comparison statement/paragraph about hwothey are similar and different.

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