Answer the following questions with respect to cells from an organism that has achromosome number: 2n = 12.a) What is the haploid number of chromosomes in this organism?______________b) How many sister chromatids would be present in a cell entering prophase of mitosis?__________________c) How many pairs of homologous chromosomes would be present in one of the nuclei atthe end of telophase I of meiosis?__________________d) How many centromeres would be present in a cell during anaphase I of meiosis?__________________e) How many sister chromatids would be present during anaphase of mitosis?__________________f) How many tetrads would be present within a cell during metaphase I of meiosis?__________________g) How many chromosomes would be present in each of the four cells at the end of telophaseII of meiosis?____________________

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A.The haploid number of chromosomes is 6, in an organism with 12 chromosomes. B. At prophase, the chromosomes have already replicated and are called sister chromatids. There would be 12 pairs or 24 sister chromatids. C.There would be six pairs of homologous chromosomes in each nuclei at the end of telophase I of meiosis. D. There would be 12 centromeres holding the 12 pairs of chromatids together during anaphase I of meiosis. E. The sister chromatids separate during anaphase in mitosis. There were twelve pairs or 24 sister chromatids that would separate at that stage. F. There would be 6 tetrads during metaphase I of meiosis. G.At the end of telophase II, there would be four cells that are haploid and would each contain 6 chromosomes. These would now be gametes. 

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