What are the crises and complexities of the characters and how are they involved in their progress in Beckett's Waiting for Godot?

Expert Answers
booboosmoosh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Samuel Beckett's play, Waiting for Godot, the crises come from the continued vigil two of the characters play while they wait for Godot, who (to the best of their knowledge) never shows up. The crises also arise in that Estragon and Vladimir, who live miserable lives seemingly wasting each day waiting for the myterious man who never appears to them. The following day, the start over again.

...they are now homeless, debilitated, and often suicidal.

They often contemplate why they choose to live. They sped their days together and share their memories: perhaps each day is not as bad as each man thinks. However, if there is any doubt, Pozzo and Lucky arrive. If Estragon and Vladimir find themselves depressed, Pozzo's messages are always fill with darkness and gloom—the "glass"is half-empty for them. Little hope is attached to them.

The complexities of the characters rest with Estragon and Vladimir who seem to have little to live for, but who manage to return to the same spot each day to find something to hope and wish for: Godot.

On the other hand, Pozzo and Lucky rob others of the possibility of optimism and hope. Pozzo is unkind to Lucky, but Lucky will not leave him. He is so attached to the nasty Pozzo, that Lucky attacks others rather than be separated from Pozzo. As time goes on, Pozzo and Lucky deteriorate until Pozzo is blind and Lucky is mute.

While Estragon and Vladimir believe they have missed Godot each day, perhaps in life's small blessings—as well as their dedication to each other, even as they suffer—they have the ability to  make a good things happen. They are still poor monetarily, but they are in better shape than Pozzo and Lucky. Perhaps "Godot" is God, and that while they are faithful in waiting, perhaps they never look to what surround them each day. For Godot (God) may have been with them all along, and all they needed to do was open their eyes, see blessings around them and be thankful for that they have.