Does God still send plagues as punishment on individual or nations?  Explain your beliefs on this issue.

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This is, of course, a matter of opinion and my beliefs may well not be the same as yours.

I do not believe that God sends punishments to individuals or nations today.  (I am not convinced that he ever did.)  My main reason for thinking this is that we have no real evidence to suggest that bad things always happen to those who deserve them.

For example, Christians are not treated particularly well in China today.  Why, then, has China not been punished.  European nations tend to be much less religious than the US.  Why have they not been punished?  Many rich people in the world act in ways that seem very immoral.  Why are they still rich and healthy?

I think that the idea that God punishes people and countries here on Earth comes only from our own desire to see people get what we think they deserve.  It seems likely that God operates on a level that we cannot understand and so we should not expect to see our expectations fulfilled.