Does the short story "In Another Country" connect with any of Hemingway's novels?

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One of many Hemingway stories anthologized widely, "In Another Country" connects with several of Hemingway's novels. In particular, the novel, The Sun Also Rises, shares themes and metaphors with this story. 

In "In Another Country" the narrator is injured and suffers from emotinal isolation. He is an American injured in a foreign war and he cannot connect with others who are part of the rehabilitation program he is in. 

Similarly, in The Sun Also Rises, the narrator has suffered an injury in a foreign war and this injury leads to emotional isolation (and romantic failure). The main character is also living abroad among people experiencing varying degrees of isolation, loss, and internal turmoil. 

In both works, the protagonist bears his injury as a metaphor for larger failures to connect with others. The injury is as much emotional and psychological as it is physical. 

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