Please annotate chapters 4-12 of The Devil's Arithmetic.

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Hannah goes through her daily routine at the camp. She gets small meals and looks through things stolen from prisoners, putting them into separate piles. Hannah helps the children, sneaking bread to them. During the horrors of the camp, Hannah is intimate with Rivka and Gitl. Hannah also experiences grief so great she can hardly bear it when Reuven, a girl she's befriended, is forced to go to the chamber to be killed.

Members of the village where Hannah is, are executed, even her uncle Shmuel. Hannah remembers American life all of a sudden. She communnicates her knowledge to Rivka and other girls that that 6 million Jews will soon be killed,but the Jewish people will live. She tells them her secret knowledge of modern Israel.

The girls are chatting and ignore working. As a punishment, a guard grabs Rivka, but Hannah shoves her away, saying for  her to run. Hannah walks toward the gas chamber talking about a girl named Hannah living in the U.S. Lastly she says “Ready or not, here we come....” into the black of the gas chamber.

Hannah is suddenly back in her apt. with her family, celebrating Seder. Her grandfather asks about Elija the prophet. She goes to the table.

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