Anne’s father was close to her. What did she like about him and why?

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Anne's very much daddy's little girl. She absolutely adores her father, Otto, and her love is fully reciprocated. Anne instinctively turns to her father for comfort. It's notable, for example, that when she wakes up screaming from a terrible nightmare, it's her father that she calls for, even though her mother is first to rush to her side. But Otto's more than just a source of comfort; he's also a teacher and mentor. As well as being kind, loving, and considerate, Otto is also a very wise and patient man; he's just the kind of influence that Anne needs. He provides Anne with a good set of moral values that helps to provide some much-needed stability in a life frequently thrown into turmoil by the combination of adolescent growing-pains and the dangers of life in the secret annex.

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