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The Diary of a Young Girl

by Anne Frank
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In Anne Frank's book The Diary of a Young Girl, what happens through pages 16-34?

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When you ask a question like this, be sure to include the copyright date of the version you are reading. My hardbound book copyrighted 2001 doesn't have beginnings ofentries or endings on the pages you mentioned. Anne graduates (passes) from the 7th grade at the Jewish Lyceum with a D, C, and three B's. But her parents are not judgemental about her grades. Her father brings up the subject of the family going into hiding. Margot is "called up" by the Germans, probably headed to a concentration camp. The Franks meet the van Daams and begin to pack. The family walks to the office of Mr. Frank and is lead into the Secret Annex. She describes the layout of their new living quarters, and they move in. Anne describes her quarters and their surroundings. She also lets the reader know how quiet the occupants must be during the day. The family listens to the radio broadcasts at night after the workers have gone home. The van Daams arrive next Tuesday.

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