In Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, what were some hobbies and interests Anne developed after going into hiding?

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In addition to writing in her diary and writing stories, Anne was interested in the English Royal Family. While in the annex, she often listened to Dutch broadcasts from London about members of the Royal Family. She also enjoyed reading fiction and other books, especially Greek and Roman mythology. Even while hiding in the annex, she followed the latest movie stars, and Bep, one of the Dutch people who helped to hide the Frank family, told her about the latest movies. Anne kept a collection of movie star pictures on her wall. She also helped her father, Otto Frank, work on their family tree, and she studied French and other subjects. One activity she hated while in the annex was doing any kind of housework, which she tried to avoid. Before going into hiding, Anne was a very social person and spent a great deal of time with her friends. While in hiding, she became more solitary by necessity and spent a great deal of time reading, writing, and petting the cat in the annex. She eventually formed a friendship with Peter, another resident of the annex. 

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Anne has discovered a talent for writing--fiction, stories, fantasies about Peter and what their lives might be like once they return to the outside world, and perhaps most importantly, her self-reflections (diary).  She also reads quite a bit and daydreams.  All the hobbies and interests the people in hiding engaged in had to be quiet as noise would call attention to their hiding spot.