In Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, what kinds of relationships does Anne have with other members of the annex?

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Anne lives with seven other people during her time in the annex: Mrs. Frank, Mr. Frank, Margot, Mr. Van Daan, Mrs. Van Daan, Peter, and Mr. Dussel. Right from the beginning Anne mentions that her mother treats her like a baby and this causes some strife between them. Mrs. Frank and Margot are also very close, which makes Anne feel left out and misunderstood at times. In the entry dated Sunday, 27 September, 1942, Anne says the following about her relationship with her mother and Margot:

"Just had a big bust-up with Mummy for the umpteenth time; we simply don't get on together these days and Margot and I don't hit it off any too well either" (30).

Anne complains about her mother and Margot many times throughout her diary, but she absolutely loves her father. Anne says the following about her relationship with her father in the entry dated Saturday, 7 November, 1942:

" . . . I adore Daddy. He is the one I look up to. I don't love anyone in the world but him . . . I cling to Daddy because it...

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