Anne Bradstreet's LegacyWhat are Anne Bradstreet's writing accomplishments that make her the first prominent writer of the New World?

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lizbv eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think what is most incredible about her accomplishments is not only the fact that she was a female writer that was published at that time, but also that she was a female in Puritan society and was still able to write so much and to achieve publication.  It was frowned upon for Puritans to partake in too many leisurely activities or activities that were purely for entertainment, therefore the fact that she wrote poetry was a feat of its own.  With the number of responsibilities she no doubt had in terms of caring for her family, as well as her religious duties as a woman in the Puritan faith, it is a wonder she was able to write at all, much less be published.  Additionally, she was breaking new ground in her society in that it was believed that any such writing should pertain closely to their faith (and any reading should be of the Bible). Bradstreet's poem "To My Dear and Loving Husband" breaks away from this and is an ode to the love for and relationship with her husband.