The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

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What important symbolic qualities does the land turtle have as described in chapter 3?

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Steinbeck’s description of the land turtle in Chapter Three is at once keenly observed and supremely realistic, and of course obviously symbolic. The turtle is slow. Its movements require tremendous labor. It is largely impervious to (and ignorant of) its surroundings. The turtle is not very smart, but the little it does know – to keep moving forward – unswervingly guides its actions. When it finally climbs the curb, and begins to cross the road, it encounters traffic – first one car swerves to miss it, then another swerves to hit it. The turtle is flipped over, but rights itself and continues on.

It’s not hard to see how the migrant workers in the novel are like the turtle: they too are capable of tremendous labor, and their journey west is slow and...

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shmadev | Student

well her answer isnt right because there wasnt even any traffic and it wasnt even trying to cross a road haha but good try though


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