animalsWhat do you think about the people abusing animals and being cruel to them?

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I agree with everyone else that wanton cruelty to animals is disgusting. The kind of cruelty that goes on in the treatment of animals raised to be eaten is extremely unsettling, to say the least, but I have no easy answers to that problem. I truly wish I did.

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It depends on what you mean by cruelty.  I've killed animals by hunting.  I've killed animals by butchering them.  Some people think that  is cruel, but I don't think that animals have the same kinds of feelings and awareness that we people do.  And if they do, then how do we justify killing them in any way -- whether "humane" or not?

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Abuse of animals makes me want to practice vigilante justice. I think that any person who wilfully places an animal in any sort of extended pain is not worthy of living on this Earth with the rest of us. If we eat meat, we have the ability to make the animal's death fast and relatively painless (we don't always do that, but that's another discussion). I do not think that animals have the same rights as humans, because they are animals: they cannot reason and most of them are as cruel as any human, but I would not deliberately torture one because of this. If you enjoy an animal's pain, you probably would enjoy a human's pain.

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Many people who abuse and torture animals later move on to human subjects. Penalties should be strict, and mandatory counseling should be a condition of a subject's release. As a previous post mentioned, there's little difference between the school bully who picks on weaker children to make himself feel superior.

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I would hope that all posters would feel the same way. People who abuse animals are horrible. I do not think that there is any other way to look at it. A person who feels the necessity to pick on something helpless is, for me, sickening.

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It depends how you classify "abuse"-- If you say abuse is when someone starves, beats or cruelly treats an animal than I say that is inhumane. If to you abuse means eating an animal, whether it be beef, chicken, pork, venision, etc. Then I disagree. There is a big difference between the two. Like pohnpei397 I have also hunted, but what we hunt--we eat. No exceptions. Hope I did not offend anyone. :)

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Animal abusers are just like bully's in schools. They pick on the weak helpless one, because it makes them feel better about themeselves. It gives them a sense of power, a sense of control, knowing that they have supremacy over the victim. They probably have suffered themeselves and passing on the hurt and anger to another person or animal helps let it all out. I am totally against it all. It makes me so angry when I see abused animals or even think of people who could do such a thing.

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