Discuss how power is shown in Animal Farm and "The Lottery."

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In both works, power is shown to be an exercise of exclusion.  The only way that power can be reasonably executed is when there is a sense of exclusion present and when individuals are isolated from it.  Power is not a shared and participatory experience as much as it is exclusionary.  Napoleon and Squealer eliminate Snowball, who actually wants to make power a shared experience.  Napoleon and Squealer are animated about the idea of ensuring that the pigs demonstrate power over the other animals.  In Jackson's village, Tessie finds herself as a part of the power structure until her name is drawn.  At this point, she is on the outside of power.  Her claims of unfairness and a lack of "right" is reflective of how power is used against those on the outside, such as Tessie.  In this, one sees power as a way to isolate individuals, silence dissent, and ensure that the base of power continues with an "us versus them" mentality.  Such a reality demonstrates a similarity in both works as to how power is constructed and how it continues.  Power and its use are shown to be exclusionary experiences in both works.

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