In George Orwell's book Animal Farm, who gained the leadership of the animals and why?

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In Animal Farm by George Orwell, initially the pigs Napoleon and Snowball stand out as leaders. The pigs are the most intelligent of the animals, and they are able to plan a rebellion that sends Farmer Jones packing. Things go very well in the beginning, but when Snowball comes up with the idea to build a windmill, Napoleon does not like it. Because he is so power hungry, Napoleon has Snowball chased off the farm by vicious dogs Napoleon has trained, and tells the other animals the windmill was really his idea. Once this occurs, Napoleon becomes more and more like a human every day, and Animal Farm's democracy is turned into a totalitarian dictatorship with Napoleon calling all of the shots. He uses fear and intimidation to rule over the other animals and gives special privileges to the pigs. Soon they are sleeping in the house and walking on two legs while the other farm animals suffer.

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