In Animal Farm, which animals were not considered good workers by the other animals?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The question is interesting because of its implications.  On one hand, some animals might not be considered good workers because they are voices of dissent.  It is interesting to see how Orwell constructs a situation where animals who don't blindly follow the pigs' instructions are immediately considered "bad."  Orwell might be making a statement on the nature of government in that it easily derides those who are not immediately locked in to what is being said.  Instead, they deemed as "not good" in order to defray reflection and thought as to why these individuals do not follow the party line and the Status Quo.  Certainly, animals like Benjamin and even Clover might fall into this category.  Both of them understand what is being done and can sense the manipulation of the animals.  Due to this, these animals are discarded, their voices not validated.  Being considered a "not good worker" is a way in which the pigs' control is consolidated because it does not examine individual voice, but rather eliminates it.  In demonizing "the other," those in the position of power benefit by continuing their own control.  It in this light that Benjamin and Clover could be considered "not good workers" because of the fundamental challenge they pose to the Status Quo.