What are some character traits of Clover?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that one of Clover's strongest traits is her loyalty.  She is loyal to the other animals.  In the opening chapter, she and Boxer walk carefully, treading lightly so that they do not crush the smaller animals.  Accordingly, she is loyal to the Revolution.  She does her part to embrace animalism and to make sure that its goals are recognized.  It is in this light where she becomes downright confused as to what happens after the revolution.  Her loyalty to the animals and to the farm is intact, but she cannot understand what is happening as Napoleon consolidates power over the other animals.  After Napoleon's first public purging where his dogs tear the throats out of those who have confessed, she is unsure of what is happening on the farm.  Her loyalty is what causes this confusion.  She never acts in a manner that represents a break with her loyalty.  When she realizes too late what is happening to Boxer, she is the one to call out to him while he is in the van.  At the end of the novel, she is the one who leads the other animals to look inside at the pigs and humans who are playing cards, unable to see any difference between both.  Clover's loyalty is one of her most telling and distinctive traits.