Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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In Animal Farm, what are the similarities and differences between Snowball and Napoleon's beliefs? 

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In the opening chapters of Animal Farm, Snowball and Napoleon share the common belief in overthrowing Mr Jones and taking control of Manor Farm for the good of the animals. Together, for example, the pigs develop a social system called Animalism which emphasises the equality and freedom of animals and frees them from the exploitation of Man. 

But it is Snowball and Napoleon's differences which are most prominent throughout the rest of the novel. We see lots of examples of this after the revolution takes place and the humans are driven off Manor Farm. On the subject of clothes, for example, Snowball throws some ribbons on to the fire because he believes that they are the "mark of a human being." He states that animals should never wear clothes and should always be naked. This contrasts sharply with Napoleon, who wears human clothes later in the novel. For Napoleon, then, clothes are a symbol of his...

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