In "Animal Farm," what group starts the Battle of the Cowshed?

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After hearing about the revolt of the animals on Manor Farm, animals on neighboring farms begin to be unmanageable. Humans find this intolerable. So, two farmers who were formerly enemies, Pilkington and Frederick, band together with Mr. Jones to try to retake the farm. The pigeons fly back to the farm to warn the other animals. Snowball is prepared for the fight because he has read a book about Julius Caesar and his military strategies. The animals trick the humans by looking like they are running away and then the animals surround and defeat the humans. As for who starts the battle, the humans march to the farm in order to destroy it. But the animals begin the battle by looking as if they are retreating. The humans never suspect that the animals will be so cunning.

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In Animal Farm by George Orwell, Mr. Jones goes to his regular tavern, The Red Lion, to lament his woes.  When the neighboring farmers get a few drinks in them, they decide to take Manor Farm back from the rebellious animals.  Therefore, it is the farmer group that begins what the animals call the Battle of Cowshed.  The animals are victorious and some casualties occur.  Snowball fights bravely, but of course, this is later re-written in the annals of Animal Farm history by Squealer, Napoleon's propaganda minister. 

Not only is the Battle of Cowshed started by the humans, so is the second battle that destroys the windmill for the second time.

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