Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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In "Animal Farm,"  what do Napoleon and the other animals think of Snowball?

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Snowball, is at first, an inspiration to the other animals.  Realizing that the humans might try to retake the farm, he devises a military strategy to defend the farm.  He is wounded in battle and considered a hero. 

Snowball fully embraces the ideology of animalism and comes up with the plans to build a windmill that will assist the animals on the farm by providing electricity. 

"The biggest controversy stems from Snowball’s plans to build a windmill. He paints a picture of a new Animal Farm, powered by electricity produced by the windmill. He promises the animals heated stalls, modern machinery to make their lives easier, and a three-day work week."  

Unfortunately, Napoleon's idea is not to make life easier for anyone but himself.  Clearly, his vision of Animal Farm consists of the other animals working as hard as they have to and Napoleon and the pigs sitting around doing nothing. 

Snowball, when he becomes too popular with the other animals must be removed.  Since Napoleon cannot garner the devotion of the other animals the way Snowball can, he uses threats and physical violence to take control.

"Napoleon makes a high-pitched sound and nine enormous dogs rush in and chase after Snowball. They are the nine puppies taken from their mothers and secretly raised by Napoleon. The startled Snowball runs for his life and barely escapes through the hedge. He is seen no more." 

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In Animal Farm, Napoleon and Snowball are leaders of the rebellion.  Snowball helps the animals understand Animalism and he has ideas to improve conditions on the farm.  He draws up plans for the construction of a windmill, which he believes will eventually become a labor-saving device.  He tries to help the animals and they like him.

Napoleon has a lust for power and getting his own way.  On the day that the plan for the windmill is to be put to a vote, Napoleon calls out ferocious dogs to chase Snowball off the farm.  His running Snowball off the farm is explained by the lie that Snowball was actually a traitor, working for Jones, and that the farm will fare better without him. 

Napoleon continues to lie about Snowball and whenever the farm suffers a setback, Napoleon blames Snowball.  Snowball will be used as a scapegoat for all of Napoleon's failings. 

The animals are led to believe that Snowball is visiting the farm at night and sabotaging their labor.  He become a constant (and imagined) threat to the animal's security.

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gymnastel | Student

Squealer explained to the animals that Snowball was a traitor and a criminal. He stole Napoleon's ideas of the windmill.

abc-d | Student

Napoleon HATES snowball-can I stress that enough. Dude he has him run off the farm for bein a traitor or whatever. Well first the animals liek snowball and they liked napoleon too but they had different views, a lot of debate blah. Then napoleon has the other animals turn against snowball and bam hes gone-not dead though. Then napoleon totally takes over