In Animal Farm, what commandments does Old Major give to the animals? How might each be considered a vice?

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A vice is defined as morally depraved behavior, and the seven commandments issued by the pigs are as follows:

1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
3. No animal shall wear clothes.
4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.
5. No animal shall drink alcohol.
6. No animal shall kill any other animal.
7. All animals are equal.

The first commandment is simple: it refers to humans and the fact that they are inherent enemies to the success of Animal Farm. Associating with or obeying a human would be seen as morally depraved by the pigs.

The second commandment is linked to this, and speaks about the superiority of animals and birds in the new regime. The age-old idea of humans being superior to all other creatures is now a vice.

The third commandment is based on the fact that it was humans who decided that the wearing of clothes was “proper”. As part of the total rebellion against humans, animals were not to wear clothes. In addition, making,...

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