In Animal Farm, what are the animals' condition under Napoleon's leadership?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Napoleon over promises and under delivers.  The condition of the animals, therefore, is miserable. This fact is painfully clear to the reader, but the animals cannot see through the ideology that Napoleon and Squealer spin.  Therefore, some animals think that they have it better, when, in fact, things are far worse.  A brief summary will show this point. 

First, the workhorse of the group - Boxer is not rewarded for all his labor, but he is actually sent to a slaughter house when he cannot work any more.  This shows that the pigs do not care about the well being of any of the animals. 

Second, under the leadership of Napoleon, there is a massacre. Many of the animals are killed under false charges. It is a blood bath. 

Third, when it comes retirement, the text says that no one actually ever retired. Napoleon works the animals until death.  Of Clover the text says: "she was two years past the retiring age, but in fact no animal had ever actually retired."

Finally, Napoleon's hypocrisy is complete when he turns into a human. In short, the condition of the animals is horrible. 


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