In Animal Farm, what are three character traits of Mollie (with examples)?Thank you very much!

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mollie is one of the horses on Manor Farm. She serves as a symbol of feminine materialism and vanity, one who is more concerned with her appearance and personal possessions than with the revolution. A "foolish, pretty white mare," Mollie prances about, "flirting" her mane to show off the red ribbons that decorate it. Her ribbons are of great importance, and she is not convinced when Snowball tells her that they are a "badge of slavery" to humans. After the revolt, she is found in Mrs. Jones' bedroom, admiring the blue ribbons she has stolen. She is the laziest worker on the farm: She wakes up late and "shirked" at her duties, pretending that she had "a stone in her foof" so she could quit work early. She refuses to learn the alphabet, only learning the letters that spelled out her name. She proves to be a coward as well, running away at the first sound of gunfire, "her head buried among the hay in the manger." She becomes the first animal to desert the farm, preferring human companionship and the perks that came with it: nose rubs, lumps of sugar and pretty ribbons in her mane.