In Animal Farm how does Napoleon use propaganda effectively and how does he change history?

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Napoleon's biggest ally when using his propaganda on the animals of the farm is their ignorance and faulty memories. He uses Squealer, an accomplished well spoken pig whom the animals listen to in order to push his ideas and implement his plans. Squealer is almost hypnotic when he speaks to the animals and quells their concerns, he swishes his tail back and forth and always reminds the animals how bad it was when Jones was in power. He threatens the animals with the possibility of Jones returning if they do not agree. Napoleon blames the farm's failures on Snowball who is no where to be found so he cannot deny or confirm any truth of what is said, for example when the windmill was destroyed the first time. Napoleon also waits for enough time to pass before he changes history and says that it was he who led the attack on Jones during the revolution and it was he who was awarded the medal of honor. He claims that it was he who thought of building the windmill and that he drew the plans for it. He has the commandments changed secretly to reflect the actions of the pigs. The animals question it, but the pigs confirm it's true with such conviction that the animals believe it must be true because the pigs are so much smarter than them. Napoleon also uses fear when propagandizes the farm. He has the nine ferocious dogs by his side threatening harm or even death if the animals refuse to go along with his ideas.

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Animal Farm:

How do Napoleon and Squealer use propaganda to gain personal needs.

ovechkin | Student

In the book Animal Farm, Napoleon is able to use propaganda effectively because he has the brains to do so and has the power to make the other animals to believe it. He has the brains because he knows the right time to talk to the animals and how to make something sound twisted, for example when boxer is takin away because he is no longer in use for work he is sent to the glue factory and the animals see it written on the back of the van but, Napoleon has his right hand pig who is talented in talking tells the animals that a doctor owns the van and was owned by a glue factory before the doctor bought it. Napolen has the power to use propaganda because he has nine vicious dogs to make the animals believe anything that Napoleon or Squealer, his right hand pig says and if they don't they will kill the animals that disagree.

 Napoleon changes history in the novel because he waits long enough after an event had happened so the animals cannot remeber really what happened then he says he did the bravest thing when he didn't do it. Napoleon has the seven conmmandments changed in secert to fit the pig's liking because the pigs and the smartest animalson the farm