Animal Farmwhat functions of libraries are controlled in Animal Fram?

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As it's been pointed out, the commandments are the primary form of literature on the farm. The books that are read are only read by the pigs, which might be seen as a form of intellectual or library control. However, it seems that the idea you are going for relates mainly to the carefully controlled presence of the commandments. 

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There is not much in the way of books on the farm.  The pigs learn to read and write from old school books they find on rubbish heaps.  Other than Snowball's musings and Old Major's oral treatise, there is not much in the form of an Animalism text.  The commandments are written on the wall of the barn, and since they are not written down anywhere else it is easy for the pigs to alter them as they see fit to better their own interests.

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This novel provides us with an excellent example of the use and abuse of information, whether it be the commandments or other statistics, to blind the population of the farm and conceal crimes. A great way to analyse this would be to notice how the Commandments subtly change throughout the novel, excusing the excesses of the pigs and giving them more control and power.

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I guess you could also talk about Squealer and his statistics and his control over information.  You could say that a library is supposed to have information and to make it available to people.  In the book, Squealer has all the information and he only makes it available to others in his own way -- he only gives out the information he wants.  So if keeping and spreading information is a library function, you could say that is controlled in this book.

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The pigs rewrote the Commandments and altered the Old Major's ideas so they can continue ruling other animals unjustly. First of all Old Major's speech was not preserved in written form and even if it would have been written, pigs might have altered it like they altered the Commandments. So i think history is rewritten according to the totalitarian government. I can't figure out other evidence for this question...i'll appreciate it if anyone share his or her ideas regarding this question.