animal experimentation has widely been a part of several discoveries. griffin himself uses a cat to judge his experiment .write a debate on "should experimentation on animal for scientific researches be valid?"

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"I processed her. But giving drugs to a cat is no joke, Kemp! And the process failed."

One of the secondary issues taken up in Wells' The Invisible Man is the use of animals in scientific research. The term "scientific research" is a rather broad one and that breadth is part of the challenge.

On one hand, one should probably consider how important the scientific research is. Would sacrificing the lives of, for example, 1000 rats be a valid trade for the preservation of 1000 human lives? If one could find a cure for cancer using experimentation on animals, then the answer would probably be "Yes, experimentation on animals for scientific purposes is valid."

On the other hand, makers of cosmetics have used animals to test their products. This may not be what one ordinarily thinks of as scientific research, but science is most certainly involved. All the same, is using eye-shadow or blush really that critical to the human race? Are we willing to trade the lives of the same 1000 rats just so that someone's eyelids or cheeks can look prettier? In this scenario, the answer would seem to be, "No, using animals in scientific research is not really necessary."

In the end, we may want to ask ourselves whether such research is really necessary.

For more on the issue of experimentation on animals in H.G. Well, please see The Island of Doctor Moreau where this issue is taken up in much more detail.

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