Is Andy's punishment realistic in Tears of a Tiger or no longer true (in many states)?What is the usual punishment for drinking while driving?

Expert Answers
Jen Sambdman eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I teach this book to my Junior class and the first time I read it I was surprised at his punishment. In the state of Illinois (where I hail from), if someone is injured in a drunk driving scenario, it is immediately upgraded to a felony. The fact that he merely got his license revoked and was pretty much let up because of his age is not accurate. Granted, the author may have been from a state with less strict laws, but I really doubt the authorities would let a kid get off that easily for underage drinking and especially since there was a fatality involved. As far as your question of the punishment being realistic, I don't believe it is. When you ask what the typical laws and punishments are, each state is different and will have different consequences so I implore you to check your local government laws on the subject.