Describe Andrew Manson's character in The Citadel while he was working in Blaenelly.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As the novel opens, Andrew remarks to Dr. Page that he "likes to work."  This becomes a key element in Andrew Manson's character while working in Blaenelly.  He is excited to be of use, to "do something."  He is driven to apply what he has learned in school to a practical setting.  It is clear that he experiences the joy and zeal of work in his very first house call in the second chapter: "Andrew went out at once.  He was eager to begin.  This was his first case! It was still raining as he crossed the black, rough ground, and made his way to the main street.  Darkly as he walked, the dirty town took shape before him."  Andrew experiences a sense of excitement for being in the setting that he is.  His character while working in Blaenelly is one of enthusiasm for the work he is about to undertake.  The ability to say with certainty that "I'll soon make her better" is a critical aspect of his characterization while working in Blaenelly.

There is an idealism and sense of hope to how Andrew carries himself in Blaenelly.  It is something that defines him and animates him.  His time in Blaenelly is filled with this rather pure enthusiasm to do good and to be of service to both the people of the town and his chosen vocation.  Andrew does not let external reality influence or control him as much as he lets his own vocational principles guide him.  He embraces the career path he has chosen and is excited to show it in Blaenelly.