In Ancient history, what was their military strength, allies, culture achievements and education like?Thank you SO much!

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On Warfare in Antiquity:

History of the Art of War, Volume I Warfare in Antiquity by Hans Delbruck.

Ancient and Medieval Warfare by Oliver Lyman Spaulding and Hoffman Nickerson.

Delbruck is well regarded and will give you more information than most students ever get. Both the above are old, so you should also examine a recent work: The Western Way of War: Infantry Battle in Classical Greece by Victor Davis Hanson.

On Education:

Davidson, Thomas. 1894. The Education of the Greek People and Its Influence on Civilization. I like this book. It is about the evolution of civilization since ancient Greece. The philosophy of Socrates and the philosophy of Jesus of Nazareth, when combined, gave a plan for living that works. In only 229 pages, this book can be only the broadest-brush outline treatment of such a broad subject, but it is very good.

Educational Curriculum of the Ancients as Described in the First circa 50 Pages of: Campbell, Andrew A. 2008. The Latin-Centered Curriculum: A Home Educator’s Guide to a Traditional Classical Education, 2nd ed. Non Nobis Press.

I. General education

I.A. Elementary education

I.A.1. The three Rs.

I.A.2. Grammar

I.A.2.a. Language mechanics and parts of speech

I.A.2.b. The great historical and imaginative literary works of the culture, especially the epic poets

I.A.2.c. Memorize poetry commemorating the deeds of the culture’s heroes.

I.A.2.d. Drama

I.A.2.e. Lyric poetry

I.A.3. The mathematical arts

I.A.3.a. Arithmetic (including business math)

I.A.3.b. Geometry

I.A.3.c. Astronomy (including weather signs)

I.A.3.d. Music

I.A.3.d.i. The scientific study of harmonics and music theory

I.A.3.d.ii. Vocal, instrumental, and moral instruction

I.B. Rhetorical education

I.B.1. A graded series of written exercises (e.g., paraphrase, simile, example, quotation)

I.B.2. Lectures by rhetoric teachers

I.B.3. History texts (not history as a discipline but as examples of rhetoric)

I.C. Physical training in preparation for military service

II. Higher education

II.A. Science

II.B. Logic