Ancient Historians and Greek Drama Are there any ancient historians, such as Herodotus, who mention ancient Greek drama?

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The plays themselves are histories. We can learn a lot about daily life in Ancient Greece from them. They tell us how people interacted, what entertained them and what their everyday lives consisted of. The playwrights are historians too!
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In Book VI of The History of Herodotus, Herodotus writes:

The Athenians made clear their deeep grief for the taking of Miletus in many ways, but especially in this: when Phynichus wrote a play entitled The Fall of Miletus and produced it, the whole theater fell to weeping; they fined Phyrnichus a thousand drachmas for bringing to mind a calamity that affected them so personally, and forbade the performance of that play forever.

It seems likely that Thucydides would have made a reference to drama at some point, but a quick search yielded nothing.

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