Why were the Jews singled out for persecution so frequently, analyzing various reasons and causes for the exploitation and persecution of the Jews throughout history?

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Karyth Cara eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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Jews largely became part of the Western civilization as such they were in "enemy territory," if I may express it those terms. This is one of the dominant reasons Jews have been exploited and persecuted throughout history. The reason Western civilization is at fault is that the Christian church dominated the Westerns countries, from Russia, where Orthodoxy became dominant, to England (and everywhere in between) where Roman Catholic Christianity was dominant. Through imperialism and colonialism, Catholicism spread to the American continents carrying its ideology with it. The Cult of the Cross within Catholicism misguidedly laid blame for Jesus's crucifixion on all past, present and future generations of the Jewish people and then proceeded to persecute and exploit them for this misguided ideology.