Analyze the way in which Dr.Faustus presents a meeting point for the movements of Renaissance and Reformation

sunillkollam | Student

Dr. Faustus can be termed as a renaissance hero. The foremost characterestic of the period being quest for knowledge. Faustus as a renaissance hero devoted his entire life span for learning. He had the quest for knowledge of god, heaven and hell which mean the entire universe. Faustus offers a deal with Mephistophilis in order to achieve his aim. The recreations of historical figures like Helen of Troy are also a symbol of quest of the reformation era.

Faustus and Mephistophilis are discussing heaven, after hearing the devil's description about it Faustus regrets his decision to sell his soul. Faustus continues to question Mephistophilis on several topics and the discussion eventually turns to God and heaven. However Mephistophilis refuses to say more about them because of the pain of remembering the happiness of god and heaven are too much for him. This doesnot please Faustus, so he presses Mephistophilis to reveal more on them. Mephistophilis gets disgusted and leaves only to return with Lucifer and Belzebub. Lucifer demands that questions about God and heaven are outside the contract he had made and Faustu immediatetely agrees never to talk about the topics again. These evidences of quest for knowledge cements that Faustus is a renaissance hero who connects the two great movements in history.