Analyze the theme of freedom and oppression in 1984?I have to write an essay on this by tuesday so i was just looking for some help, i'd appreciate it if i could get some help thx

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This is a driving force in Orwell's work.  I would think that an interesting take on it could be how the government configuration of Oceania cannot afford to allow any notion of human freedom.  With this in mind, Big Brother goes to extraordinary lengths to denying any notion of individual expression.  Think about how many instances in the novel one finds of how the government refuses to acknowledge any concept of human freedom and individual autonomy.  From the cigarettes to posters, to Two Minute Hate to Facecrime to the thought police, the government operates under the assumption that freedom must be eliminated or geared towards the substantiation of the state.  I think analyzing the different measures taken to ensure that freedom is oppressed might be an aspect that can be explored.

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If I were you, what I would try to do is to think about why the government wants to do the particular things it does.  Overall, I would want to ask why the government wants to oppress the people and take away their freedom.

I would look at some of the things the government does, many of these are in the first answer.  The hate, the constant war, the banning of love and romance.  For each of these, ask why the government wants to do this.  Why would it be a problem for the government if people loved each other?  Why would it be a problem if there were no war and the people could have more luxuries?

If you do that, I think you will better understand the whole point of the book.

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