Analyze the tone of the short story "In Another Country." Which specific words influence the tone of the story? How does the tone impact your overall understanding of the text?

Words such as "cold," "empty," "detached," and "afraid" help to convey a tone that is bleak and supports themes of isolation and loss. In a cold, fall setting during World War I, the ending of "In Another Country" is a reminder that death is often unpredictable.

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In "In Another Country," Hemingway constructs a bleak tone to propel themes of isolation and loss.

The story is set in the fall in Milan, where it is "cold" and "the dark came very early." The wildlife around Milan is described as "stiff" and "empty." The hospital, a place of healing, has "funerals starting from the courtyard," and the constant threat of death presses in on the men who are recovering there.

Although the narrator finds a group of men to spend time with, he notes that they are all "a little detached." As they walk together in the streets, the narrator understands that "the people...disliked us, did not understand." When asked about his medals, the narrator's description conveys that he received them because he is an American, and "after that their manner changed a little toward" him.

The narrator notes that he is "very much afraid to die." He is verbally reprimanded by the major for expressing his desire to marry one day, the major telling him that he is a "fool" and that...

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