Analyze the thematic concern(s) in Nissim Ezekiel’s "Enterprise."

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Ezekiel's poem "Enterprise " is about the existential search for a deeper meaning, represented in the poem in the form of a pilgrimage. The speaker and his fellow pilgrims travel far and wide in search of this elusive deeper meaning, but the farther they travel, the more futile their search seems to become. With this futility comes a "rage" matched only by the sun. They also endure deserts, attacks, storms, internal conflicts, and hardships. At the end of their pilgrimage, where they would have hoped to find enlightenment, the pilgrims are left only "broken" and "bent," with "darkened" faces, and "hardly know(ing) why (they) were there." The last line of the poem, "Home is where we have to gather grace," seems to imply that one does not need, or should not search for meaning in far-flung places, but rather should search for meaning at "Home." "Home" here could mean the physical place that one calls home, or it could simply mean one's self. In other words, one should not necessarily...

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