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Analyze the factors in Clinton's life that fostered confidence and risk-taking behavior atypical for women. How can the factors you identified be used in designing gender equality solutions for all women?

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One of the factors in Hillary Clinton's life that fostered confidence was the encouragement of her mother (see the article below from the New York Times). Her mother had been denied an education. In fact, her mother's mother lured her back to Chicago with the promise of sending her to college, but Hillary's mother was instead forced to work as a housekeeper. As a result, Hillary's mother always encouraged her daughter to seek more opportunities and to get a good education. Therefore, parental encouragement was one factor in Hillary's professional success.

Another factor in her success is that Hillary attended Wellesley, an all-women's college. There, she was active in college politics and political groups, and she was active in student government. In addition, one of her professors at Wellesley arranged for her to have a political internship. Women's high schools and colleges can provide women with encouragement and confidence, particularly in traditionally male fields such as politics.

Therefore, parents need to provide the same types of encouragement for their daughters to join in public and professional life as they do for their sons. In addition, women can benefit from all-women schools, groups, or conferences to gain political and leadership experience and to gain more confidence as leaders.

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