Analyze the causes of the Great Depression in one country in the Americas.

There were multiple causes of the Great Depression in the United States. One was the Wall Street crash in 1929. Another was banking panics that decreased the amount of capital available to be invested. The last major cause was agricultural tariffs that harmed international trade and caused massive surpluses.

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Some causes of the Great Depression in the United States:

The Wall Street Crash of 1929. The huge collapse in the Stock Market severely undermined confidence in the American economy. As a result, consumer spending and business investment, both essential foundations of a healthy capitalist economy, fell sharply. Their drop had a disastrous effect on the overall level of employment. With much lower demand in the economy, many businesses went bankrupt. Widespread bankruptcies led to mass lay-offs across the country.

Banking panics. Between the Wall Street Crash and 1932, when FDR was elected...

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