Into Thin Air Questions and Answers
by Jon Krakauer

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Analyze the rhetorical and/or literary devices Jon Krakauer uses in chapter 1 of Into Thin Air. Explain how Krakauer uses these devices to support or enhance his purpose for writing.

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One rhetorical device Jon Krakauer uses is enumeratio, which is the listing of details. He writes,

Later—after six bodies had been located, after a search for two others had been abandoned, after surgeons had amputated the gangrenous right hand of my teammate Beck Weathers—people would ask why, if the weather had begun to deteriorate, had climbers on the upper mountain not heeded the signs?

Krakauer lists these details because it helps make his point about how dangerous the events on Mount Everest were by the end. If he had simply said, "later, people would ask...

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