Analyze this quote from "A Raisin in the Sun":  "We ain't no business people Ruth,we just plain working folks."

Expert Answers
eabettencourt eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is Mama's response to her daughter-in-law Ruth's queries about the possibility of Mama giving some of her newly inherited insurance money to her son Walter (Ruth's husband) so that he can go into the liquor store business.  The quote demonstrates the divide between she and her son Walter.  He is striving to move ahead the only way he can think of and feels she is holding him back due to her lack of understanding of the importance of money to life.  She is striving to move her family ahead by refusing, believing that Walter needs to be the man of the family and not be involved in selling liquor, an act she sees as pseudo-sacriligeous.  The two cannot see eye to eye as members of different generations.  Mama does end up being, in a way, vindicated regarding this, as all the money she eventually gives to Walter is stolen because Walter allowed himself to be conned.  At this point, he arguably accepts that he is not a business man, but rather a family man.  He seems to adjust his priorities as such by the play's resolution.