Analyze the Poem "Inventing a Horse" By Meghan O'Rourke in detail

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“Inventing a Horse” by Meghan O’Rourke is an eight stanza poem with no set rhyming pattern. Each stanza is four lines, and the author use enjambment at the end of each stanza. The last line runs into the next stanza making the reader move smoothly through the stanzas.

Using the horse as a subject, O’Rourke develops the theme of selflessness. In her poem, she describes the mindset that one must establish when carrying for an animal that cannot return the attention and love that it takes to care for it. She calls it “inventing.”

one must imagine love

in the mind that does not know love,


 an animal mind, a love that does not depend

on your image of it,

your understanding of it;

indifferent to all that it lacks:


She speaks of making the animal comfortable in its surroundings whether it be the city or country, and of the work that is required raise and train the animal. After riding, the horse requires attention as does its equipment, the rider cannot walk away after an enjoyable ride. The horse simply passes its days in the field while its human caretaker must give it what it needs to live.

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