Analyze the plot of "Sweat."

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I just wrote and lost a detailed answer to your question. Maybe it'll show up yet. For now, though, let me quickly summarize.

1. We might want first to agree on a definition of "plot." See the link before for a full discussion, which includes the following defintion:

In literature, a plot is all the events in a story 2particularly rendered towards the achievement of some particular artistic or emotional effect. In other words, it's what mostly happened in the story or novel or what the story's general theme is based on, such as the mood, characters, setting, and conflicts occurring in a story.

2. We can identify important plot elements in the story, including the laundry basket and the rattlesnake.

3. We can characterize the plot in general terms, such as a "revenge plot" or even a "cosmic revenge plot." The man seems to get what's coming to him, and woman seems to contribute in at least a very small way to his death. After all, she doesn't summon help right away when she sees that he's been bitten by the snake.

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