Analyze the Mythology of Native American Select three elements (symbols, character analysis, theme, irony, and so on) to discuss.

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One of the most well known mythological (or creation) text which comes from the Native Americans is "The World on the Turtle's Back."

This Iroquois myth details how the world was created. The myth uses symbolism to explain how the world came to exist. In the text, the mother of the world is symbolized by the moon. Another example of symbolism is the Great Tree (which could be recognized as the apple in the garden of Eden given husband of the mother does not think that it is a good idea to take roots from the Great Tree-symbolic of Eden, original sin, and Adam and Eve).

Another symbol of the text appears as the mother takes dirt from the depths of the sea to create the Earth. This symbolizes the making of Adam--or the beginning of life.

Allusions are made to (in combination with the imagery/symbolism stated above) to the creation of the Earth, animals, and mankind.

The metaphor which exists in the story is the comparison of the world to the flatness of the back of a turtle. At points throughout history many thought that the world was flat.

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