Analyze James Piper's character in the novel Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie Macdonald, with close attention to his acts of pedophilia.

In Fall On Your Knees, James Piper is a man who first feels sexual attraction for adolescent girls as a young adult. He first acts on this attraction is with Materia, who is 13 when they elope. He later becomes attracted to their oldest daughter, Kathleen. For years, he does not act on his impulses, but later he rapes her. Piper seems to believe that his emotional attachment to his daughter is based in love rather than control.

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In Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie Macdonald, James Piper is portrayed as a man who first had sexual relations with an adolescent girl when he was a young adult. He not only becomes attracted to a teenager, Materia, but actually elopes and marries her when she is 13 years old. He continues to have sexual relations with her, and for a while they both consider this acceptable because they are married. But as Materia gets to know other people in their town, she feels uneasy about their marriage and worries about his obsessive attachment to their oldest daughter, Kathleen.

The author portrays James as confused about his sexual impulses. While he occasionally acknowledges that he is tempted to have sex with Kathleen, he brushes aside those feelings and pretends they are something else. But resisting what feels natural to him also elicits violent behavior, and he abuses his daughter physically though not sexually. He manages not to act on his impulses for many years. James is not made especially sympathetic, however. His domineering nature comes through as he tries to control his wife and their surviving younger daughters, as one of them dies in infancy.

When he pursues Kathleen to New York, he rapes her. The author shows Piper as believing that his emotional attachment to his daughter is based in love rather than control. Although Kathleen is an adult by this time, his behavior is rooted in the desire he experienced when she was a child.

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