Analyze the items of the age of reason and how Robinson Crusoe used all of this items to live in the island.(geographical, logic, knowledge and science)  

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In your message to me, you said "i meant to exlain the elements of the age of the age of reason in the novel (science-logic-exploration)and how the novel as areflection of the age of reason." So I base my answer on that...

As you say, three major ideas of the age of reason were science, logic and exploration.  During that time, people started to try to use science and logic to explain the world around them and they started to explore partly in order to satisfy their curiosity (but also for personal and national gain).  "Robinson Crusoe" shows all of these factors (especially the first two) at work.

Let's look at how Crusoe survives.  Really it is by being a scientific, logical person.  He first explores the island to make sure that he chooses the best and most secure possible place to build his home.  Then he starts to keep a diary (keeping records is very scientific and logical). This diary will eventually help him (through science) understand when he needs to plant his seeds to get the best possible yield.  In addition, he uses science (his modern technical knowledge) to build himself all the things he needs).

In a sense, the Age of Reason was about people being able to use their brains to dominate the natural environment.  While on his island, Crusoe clearly survives because he uses his brain.  In this sense he's a hero for the Age of Reason.

I hope that helps...